Content Marketing For Local SEO

You have no doubt heard the phrase “Content is king” over and over from marketers and other business gurus. And while this is true, many small businesses struggle to come up with content ideas to write about. Content marketing for local SEO does not have to be a daunting task.

With a little effort, you can come up with some solid content marketing ideas to use in your area. As a local SEO specialist, I have spent dozens of hours trying to figure out the best way to create content for my local SEO clients. 

Here are some of the best ideas I have come across.

1- Follow The Trends In Your Area

One of the easiest ways to find popular topics in your area is Google Trends. It makes sense to use a source like Google. Their whole business is based upon search results so they should know what consumers are searching for in your area.

When you get to the Google Trends page you can enter a topic to search for. Let’s say you are a roofer in Denver, Colorado. You would enter the term “roofer” in the search box and then drill down the location to Denver. 

Now you have a list of topics that are trending and also a list of search phrases that people are typing into Google.

Armed with this information you can then create content that your prospects are actually looking for.

2- Expand FAQs Into Content Pieces

Your content should always answer your customer’s questions and solve their problems. That is the key to content marketing. 

If you have been in business for any length of time you no doubt have heard the same questions over and over.

Take the questions that your customers are already asking and create content that answers those questions. For example, if you are a mortgage broker you probably get questions about how to qualify for certain loans, or what kind of documents are needed to apply for a loan. 

Answer those questions in a blog post or video and you will be well on your way to creating killer content that your prospects will eat up.

3- Use Case Studies And Interviews

Using the experience your customers have had with your company is one of the easiest ways to create engaging content.

Everyone loves a good story, so provide them with one. When using these case studies and interviews remember the three building blocks of any good story: Introduction, Conflict, and Resolution.

Introduce the subject of your story, explain the challenge they had, and then show how your product or service solved that problem.

Use a live interview so you can get the subject’s thoughts and wording. This will give your piece a more natural-sounding tone and you can get some good specifics as well.

4- Write About Local Events

One of the best sources for local content marketing is also the most obvious: local events and activities in your area.

Every community has events going on year-round and when you start writing about them you will soon become a local expert. This will give your content more authority and help you rank higher in the search results. Remember, the whole purpose of content marketing for local SEO is to get your site to rank higher and get more traffic.

5- Reach Out To Other Local Sites

Once you get a reputation for covering local activities it will be much easier for you to collaborate with other local sites.

Many times those local sites will reach out to you. 

A few well-placed guest posts can really elevate your standing in the community. You will be seen as a trusted voice in your industry. This is an excellent way to build trust with your prospects and current customers.

These local SEO activities will not only help you in the rankings but will also help build your company’s reputation. As one of the top local SEO experts, I can tell you that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your business in front of your ideal customer.

Content marketing for local SEO does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be an enjoyable process. You just have to be consistent with your efforts. If you have any questions about content marketing or the benefits of content marketing for local SEO please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.