SEO Case Study – Mortgage Broker

I have wanted to present an SEO case study to show that the strategies I use t rank websites really work. So here it is. This is an SEO case study from a mortgage broker client of mine.


Starting out, the client had zero rankings. He was barely ranking for his name. This was going to be a challenge for a few reasons. The most pressing was that I could not add any content to the site.

This was a corporate, cookie-cutter site that was only branded with his name and contact info. Also, the content on each page was pretty thin, with only about 200-250 words per page. This is not good as far as Google is concerned.

This was going to be pure brute force link building. But it was a challenge that I readily accepted.


Since I was unable to change content or add blog posts I had to think of a way around this. I wound up creating a few Web 2.0 properties (WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger) to create relevant content and link back to the client site with calls to action (CTA) and standard hyperlinks.

This not only gave us some good backlinks but also helped build his brand.

The vast majority of the work was to come from link building. I started out with what are called Foundation Links. These are the easy links to get from forum posts, profile accounts, and other easy to acquire links. The fact that they are easy links to get means that they are not as valuable as others.

But the reason for doing this is to build out a more natural-looking link profile. The whole point of this process is to make the links you are getting to your site look as natural as possible.

Next, I started to build out Web 2.0 properties. These are sites like WordPress, Blogger, and other blogging sites. Again, these are important for two reasons. These sites have good authority and they provide us with an opportunity to flesh out our link profile.

After that, I started building links from or Private Blog Network (PBN). A PBN is a group of high authority websites that I have created and maintain. I created original content relevant to the mortgage industry and linked back to the client site. 

These links are for the keywords that the client had decided on. We built out 3-5 PBN links per month. You have to remember that this is a process and it will take time. We could have dumped hundreds of PBN links in the first month but that would most likely result in a penalty from Google for trying to game the system. This is something that we must avoid at all costs. It is very difficult to come back from a Google penalty.

Another effective strategy I used was to set up a tiered Web 2.0 network for each page we were trying to rank. 

It was set up like this. For each page, for example, “jumbo home loan Calabasas”, I created three Web 2.0 properties that were linked to that page. Then I created five Web 2.0 properties that were linked to the first three Web 2.0 properties. Finally, I sent some social signals to a few of the 2nd Tier properties.

This was done for each page and the results were very positive.



SEO case study

As you can see, I have delivered FOUR page one results. With a little more work I will have all of them in the number one position.


My strategies work. That is the bottom line. All I care about is results. Once you get the proper strategy down, it can be used for any website. The principles do not change.

I have spent thousands of hours finding the SEO strategies that work. I keep up with all the search algorithm changes so I know when to abandon those strategies that do not work.

I can do the same for you.  It all starts with a website analysis. Click the link below and get your free website analysis started.


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