Why Content Marketing Is Important

Content marketing is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity.

You have no doubt heard the phrase, “Content is king,” and that has never been truer than it is today. Content marketing has become one of the most effective ways to generate leads, delight current customers, and build your reputation all at the same time. So, I’m here to explain why content marketing is important.

You may be unfamiliar with content marketing or may be wondering, “Why is content marketing important?” You are about to find out. Effective content marketing can help your business in many ways.

1- Building Your Reputation

By providing valuable content to your readers you will position your business as a trusted voice in your industry. As they read and engage with your content they will begin to form a positive view of your company. And when it is time to make a buying decision your business will be at the top of the list.

But your content has to have value to your audience. It needs to answer their questions and solve their problems. This is especially important if you want to generate leads consistently. Each piece of content should move your prospect further down the buying path.

As you publish more content on your website you will see how running a blog helps grow your business. Each blog post is a statement about your business culture and values. Customers will respond positively to these efforts. This is especially true for local business marketing.

2- Influence Conversions

Content marketing is one of the driving forces behind increased conversion rates as well. Think of every blog post, every infographic, and every video as a salesman for your company. They will be working 24/7 for you and never call in sick or ask for days off.

By implementing a strong content marketing strategy you will, in essence, have multiple sales funnels running for your business day and night. This will definitely help increase your conversion rate. 

3- Improve SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a big part in improving your online visibility. Smart businesses are now understanding that building content around keywords that their customers are searching for is the best way to rank higher in the search results.

This will greatly increase your visibility online and will put your business in front of those consumers looking for your product or service.

As the search engines’ algorithms get smarter they will be able to weed out thin or unhelpful content, thereby giving valuable, relevant content a boost in the rankings. Going forward, content will become a more important factor in the ranking process and that should answer the question, “Why should businesses invest in content marketing?”

4- Lead Generation

All businesses need to increase sales year over year if they want to survive. To do that, you need leads. Strategic content marketing can help you do that.

As stated earlier, you should look at your content as a sales force for your company. Before a consumer makes a buying decision she is most likely to go online and do a little research first. Your content and customer reviews will go a long way to influencing her decision.

But do not think this is a one-time deal. Your content needs to nurture every lead through the buying process. Every piece of content needs to build on the previous one. Every piece of content that you publish must have a call to action (CTA) in it. This will help move your lead closer to a buying decision.

5- Showcase Expertise

Your customers are looking for answers and it is up to you to provide them. The more valuable information you provide the more your prospects will begin to trust you. Use your blog posts and videos to really show off your expertise in your industry.

By producing content that your prospects are searching for you will demonstrate that you understand the issues they have and are doing your best to provide a solution. Showing your prospects that you are an expert in your industry will go a long way to build trust. People like to do business with companies they trust.

6- Build Customer Relationships

Repeat customers are the core of any successful business. It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to go out and get a new one. Use content to keep in touch with your current client base and they will soon become evangelists for you.

Send customers updates about the product they have purchased. Or send them tips to get the most out of their purchase. Once again, provide value.

When your current customer base sees that you truly value them and are going out of your way to make them delighted with their purchase, they are much more likely to tell others about you. Everyone wants to feel special and a few well-timed pieces of content sent to a customer can do just that. You want to create delighted customers, not just satisfied ones.

7- Set Yourself Apart

Most of your competition is not using content marketing effectively or at all. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart and become the trusted voice in your industry. Take a quick look at your competitor’s website. What do you see? Do they just have a few photos and a list of hours they are open? Do they have a blog? If they do, how many posts do they have? When was the last time they posted?

You will be shocked at how little effort most businesses put into their online presence. But you will not make that mistake. Even posting once a week will set you head and shoulders above the competition.

By publishing content on a regular basis you will come to be seen as a trusted voice and a business that cares. While your competition will be seen as mere peddlers compared to you. Providing valuable content is an effective and affordable way to set yourself apart from your competition.

8- Your Customers Want It

As stated before, your customers and prospects are looking for answers. They desperately need good content that solves their problems. In fact, consumers spend approximately 20% of their time online just reading content.

They want to learn more about the brands they find interesting or are considering doing business with. With this kind of demand, why wouldn’t you start creating content specifically for them? By giving them the kind of content they want, your prospects and customers will go out of their way to buy from you.

Without a doubt, content marketing is the most important investment for a new business or an established one. It meets the needs of your prospects and customers, solves their problems, builds brand authority, and moves them down the buying path. What more could your business ask for?